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Intimacy Coordinator 

Intimacy Professional Association Certified


Wenhwa Tsao

My Work

As an Intimacy Coordinator, I choreograph and oversee sensitive and intimate scenes in film, television, and various media projects. My primary focus is on ensuring professionalism, care, and respect for all individuals involved. I play a pivotal role in creating a safe and supportive on-set environment, enabling actors and crew to fully immerse themselves in their craft while confidently navigating intimate content. My training and my work adhere to SAG-AFTRA’s Standards and Protocols.

Key Responsibilities

Consent and Communication: I facilitate open and honest communication between actors, directors, and production teams. I help establish clear consent guidelines, allowing performers to have a say in the intensity and boundaries of the scenes.

Scene Choreography:  I choreograph and plan intimate scenes to ensure that actors' boundaries are respected while enhancing the director's vision. This includes scenes involving kissing, simulated sex, and any other form of physical intimacy, all while maintaining boundaries.

Maintaining Boundaries: I am committed to ensuring that boundaries are upheld both on and off the set. I work closely with all stakeholders to address any concerns or discomfort promptly and professionally.

Cultural Sensitivity: I am well-versed in handling intimate scenes that involve diverse cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives. I promote cultural sensitivity and ensure that scenes are respectful and authentic.

Emotional Preparation: I prepare and support actors for simulated sex scenes and scenes involving sexual violence, both before and during the shoot. Additionally, I offer emotional aftercare for the actors, all while ensuring that their boundaries are maintained.

Safe & Brave Environment: Establish a secure and supportive on-set environment where actors can confidently engage in their artistic endeavors.

Guideline Adherence: Ensure compliance with SAG-AFTRA guidelines for closed-sets and scenes with nudity.

Advocate for Inclusivity: As my training has prepared me to be, I serve as an advocate and ally for LGBTQIA+ cast & crew members on the set, ensuring a supportive and inclusive environment.

Collaboration: Coordinate with various departments, such as costumes and makeup, to ensure that actors are equipped with suitable nudity garments, barriers, and prosthetics.

Why Work with an IC?

  • Enhanced Safety: Having an Intimacy Coordinator on set reduces the risk of misunderstandings during intimate scenes, significantly improving the safety of the working environment for all involved.

  • Improved Artistic Quality: By providing guidance and choreography, I help actors deliver more authentic and emotionally charged performances, ultimately enhancing the overall quality of the project.

  • Increased Efficiency: Efficiently managed intimate scenes save valuable production time and resources while maintaining a professional atmosphere on set.

  • Respect and Consent: My role emphasizes the importance of respect, consent, and clear communication in all intimate scenes, fostering a respectful and collaborative work environment.



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